Mesa Verde - Two puppy pug (3 and 4 months old)

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Pet Hospitalization in Mesa Verde

At Mesa Verde Animal Clinic we provide care and hospitalization services to make sure that your pets receive the best possible treatment when they need it most!

Pet Hospitalization in Midland, TX

We’re the go-to clinic for your furry friends. As a full service animal hospital, we take care of all types and breeds with our stately facility’s modern equipment on site!
Dr. Morris and Dr. Smetak

As a full-service animal clinic, at Mesa Verde, we are able to take care of your pets if they require hospitalization.

Resources necessary for your pet to recover aren’t always available at home, such as intravenous fluids, monitoring of vitals, medication injections, and pain medicines. We will take attentive, gentle, and expert care of your pets until they are healthy enough to go home.

Our veterinarians check on pets late in the evening and early in the morning outside of office hours. If your pet is in our hospital, you will be able to come and spend a short time with your pet. However, please remember your pet requires as much rest as possible. You can call us and we will provide updates on your pet’s recovery progress.