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The Team of Mesa Verde Animal Clinic

We seek to build a practice that provides individualized, thoughtful, and quality care to our patients through every stage of their life.

Best Veterinary Team in Midland, TX

At Mesa Verde Animal Clinic, we pride ourselves on the kindness and compassion with which our vet treats all animals. Whether your pet is healthy or needs extra love; they will receive respectful care from us!

Dr. Morris and Dr. Smetak

Dr. Linda Smetak

Dr. Linda Smetak is our full-time vet, and she has years of experience that you can trust for the best results. We also have excellent, friendly receptionists; caring, knowledgeable technicians who provide the best nursing care; and compassionate, attentive kennel assistants who keep all patients clean, well-fed and happy. Here, we always treat your pet with gentle, loving care, just as we would our own pets!
Dr. Morris and Dr. Smetak

Terri D.

Kennel Manager

Dr. Morris and Dr. Smetak


Pet Groomer