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Vet Services in Mesa Verde Animal Clinic

We seek to build a practice that provides individualized, thoughtful, and quality care to our patients through every stage of their life.

Veterinary Services in Midland, TX

All pets deserve a knowledgeable, compassionate vet, whether they are completely healthy or need a little extra tender loving care. At Mesa Verde Animal Clinic, we treat your pets with the gentleness and respect with which we would treat our own animals. We care for dogs and cats. Our team understands that your pet is a special member of your family, so we strive to provide the quality, affordable care they need and deserve.

Pet Wellness Exams

Even when your pet is healthy, it is important for them to come to us for their routine checkups at least once a year.

Pet Vaccinations

Pets, like humans, are susceptible to a wide range of diseases, but luckily, vaccinations exist to help protect your pet against them!

Pet Radiography

An important diagnostic tool that helps us to find any internal health problems and provide treatment quickly.

Pet In-house Laboratory

At Mesa Verde Animal Clinic, we are proud to offer in-house bloodwork in our lab.

Pet Parasite Testing

We recommend that both dogs and cats receive an annual fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites.

Pet Dentistry

Good dental health is an important component of your pet’s overall health.

Pet Surgery

At our clinic, we are proud to provide spays, neuters, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries throughout the week.

Pet Laser Therapy & Surgery

We can also provide laser therapy and surgery for pets who would best benefit from it.

Pet Hospitalization

As a full-service animal clinic, at Mesa Verde, we are able to take care of your pets if they require hospitalization.

Pet Microchipping

The microchipping of animals is an easy and effective way to ensure their return if lost.

Pet Boarding

Whether you are going away for a night or a whole week, when you bring your pets to board at Mesa Verde.

Pet Grooming

Our groomers have been helping dogs and cats look and feel their best at Mesa Verde for 20 years!