Mesa Verde - Small white Peekapoo dog

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Pet Parasite Testing in Mesa Verde

It’s crucial to protect your pet from heartworm, which can cause nasty parasites. Our preventative medication ensures they are safe and also protects the rest of family!

Pet Parasite Testing in Midland, TX

Just like humans, your furry friend can contract parasites from dirty environments or by consuming contaminated food. So it’s important to get them checked every year!
Dr. Morris and Dr. Smetak

Not only will they keep their digestive systems running smoothly, but it helps prevent infections too!

We recommend that both dogs and cats receive an annual fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites. We perform heartworm testing as well. We provide heartworm preventative medication to ensure your pet is safe from the harms of heartworm and other nasty parasites! Heartworm medication protects the rest of your family too.