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Pet Wellness Exams in Mesa Verde

Even when your pet is healthy, it is important for them to come to us for their routine checkups at least once a year.

Pet Wellness Exams in Midland, TX

Pets need to be seen by the vet at least once a year. Even if your pet is healthy, it’s important for them come see us every six months so we can check up on everything!
Dr. Morris and Dr. Smetak

Some of the most important things you can do for your pet are regular exams.

This way, they’ll get checked up on a schedule and know that there’s always someone else in their corner if something goes wrong! During these exams, we check your pet from head to tail, taking their vitals and looking at their eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, skin and fur. By bringing in your pet for these visits, we can find any developing health issues as early as possible and provide treatment.

We will also prescribe any necessary preventative medications and administer any needed vaccines or bloodwork. Be sure to come to these appointments with any observations or questions you have about your pet’s health!